Special Projects

My name is Tom Pellicano, President of Grandview Homes, LLC. My father Dominic raised me to believe that the question was never “can it be done?”, but “HOW can it be done?”

As an example, the photos presented on this page represent a “retractable dock” that we designed and created for a local client. Over the course of three years, the client was told repeatedly that something as large and complex as this dock was not possible in a retractable form. We successfully engineered and completed what he was told could not be done.

This floating dock (15’x15’) retracts onto the land platform (15’x20’), and the 6’ gangway retracts beneath the land platform. When retracted and covered with its custom fit cover, it simply looks like a covered hot tub that blends with the surroundings.

If you are concerned about a difficult or complex project, or have an idea for something that others have told you was not possible, contact Grandview Homes, LLC to discuss HOW it can be done.