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Voices News Article on Grandview Homes

Grandview Homes
Takes on Projects
From Small to Large


Wednesday, October 2, 2013 8:56 AM EDT
SOUTHBURY — Tom Pellicano, owner of Grandview Homes, LLC, described his work as a general contractor to Voices.

“Every great team needs a coach,” he said. “Otherwise, everyone in the game may be doing his or her best but nobody is working together at the right time in the right way.”

Mr. Pellicano explained that Grandview Homes, LLC takes on commercial and residential projects for new construction, additions and renovations.

“We do small jobs and large jobs… and everything in between. I never know when a small job will lead to something else. I enjoy a great relationship with my customers and much of my business is based on referrals.”

The company tagline is, “The most important thing we build is trust.”

Mr. Pellicano admits that he finds that some projects are more amusing. “Kitchens are where I can get creative. I cook with my wife so when I design a kitchen, I imagine how I would want to use it. That gives my customers a different perspective.”

With three college degrees and years of experience in construction, he described a point in his life almost a decade ago when he was managing a $50 million business.

“I wasn’t happy there. My wife told me, ‘Go back to what you love doing,’ and we returned to Connecticut where I started Grandview Homes. I mean it when I say I love what I do. I wake up and think about how much fun I’ll have during the day.”

He defines fun as addressing his customer’s needs. “It starts by being accessible from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week. I try to anticipate as much as possible and we do very few change orders. But, customers have questions and they’re likely to be thinking about things at night or weekends.

“Communication is a two-way street and when customers realize we have the same goal – to complete the project in a timely manner, properly and with as few bumps as possible – then they see we’re not in an adversarial relationship.”

He added, “People can tell if you genuinely care about them and what you’re doing for them.”

Mr. Pellicano does not mind providing information to customers. “I don’t expect people to know what things cost or the labor involved. If they did, they wouldn’t need me.”

Over time, he’s relied on a set of subcontractors that he knows well and trusts as well as his project manager, Tom Pelletier. “We are like a family. Every year, I have an appreciation party for my subs and their spouses. They go out of their way for me because I go out of my way for them. I’m not me without them.”

He noted, “It’s the same with customers. It’s a partnership.”

An example of the pride he takes in his work is Mr. Pellicano’s approach to a clean job site. “At the end of every job, I have the work area professionally cleaned. Nobody would buy a car from a dealer that delivered a dirty car so why would anyone expect a room that’s just swept clean?”

He describes his prices as competitive. “I don’t want to be the lowest or highest. Frankly, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I do a great job for a fair price.”

According to Mr. Pellicano, his proposals are very detailed and his customers and architects often use them as project guidelines.

He is very disciplined in his approach. “If you want to be in this business, you need to carry the proper amount of insurance, comply with regulations, and do what you need to do to avoid cutting corners.

“I always address complaints because I don’t want any call backs. Those cost me money and my reputation. I want to be professional and my team always wears logo shirts because the point is that we’re working in your home. You’re not living in our work site.”

He admits that construction by definition is inconvenient. “We try to be considerate that people must live with the work that is going on.”

Mr. Pellicano credits his father’s motto of, “Not if it can be done but how can it be done,” with his own philosophy of engineering solutions for customers.

Grandview Homes will work with a customer’s architect or provide design services.

“When we first meet with someone, it’s important to listen to their thoughts. It’s the customer’s home and my job is to ensure things get done properly and the project is what they want in the end.”

Another way Mr. Pellicano helps get the details right is by offering his shopping advice. “I’ll pick out products with the customer and tell them why something will or will not work for them.”

He is always finding new ways to educate himself on the latest technology and more efficient methods of accomplishing construction goals while maintaining quality.

“People aren’t buying lumber and nails from me,” he said. “They’re buying a space for a lifestyle. I don’t want them to walk into a room and notice the drywall. I want them to live there.”

More information is available by calling 203-228-4459 FREE, emailing tom@grandviewhomesllc. com, or visiting

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